Hi Jamie,

I would like to thank you for a most lovely and memorable experience in Bhutan. Sorry for the late e-mail. However, I was busy trying to catch up with my work after my vacation. Coming back to reality was not easy.

You are one of the few tour companies that provides a level of personable service that I didn’t expect. I’ve travelled to 39 countries so far, and I’ve never encountered a service that provides a cell phone and a bottle of wine for their clients to use. What a novel idea. I also remembered that your husband met me at the airport upon my arrival because the original guide you picked for me was sick from a cold, and you didn’t want me to catch the flu. How thoughtful.

I paritcularly like the flexibility that your company provides. During my visit, the festival at Bumthang was changed at the last minute to be one day later than was scheduled. I would have missed it because I was scheduled to be back in Thimphu that day. I asked my guide, Kuenga, to see if I could stay in Jakar one extra day so as to not miss the festival. He called your husband, and everything was arranged. The Bumthang Festival was one of my highlights. I remembered that we went to the Jakar Dzong that morning to receive the blessing from the lamas and then drove out to the monastery to see the fire blessing ceremony and the religious dancing by the monks for the rest of the day. It would have been unfortunate if I had missed it.

If I have the opportunity to come to Bhutan again, I’ll use your service again. If I have friends who want to come to Bhutan, I’ll definitely remember your company.

Thank you again for providing such a memorable experience in Bhutan.