What to expect when you travel with us?

An active member of the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators and licensed by the Government of Bhutan Department of Tourism, rest assured your trip will be handled honestly and enthusiastically with the utmost in personal attention and professional service.

You are in Control

Bhutan “Your Way” takes great pride in offering only private, fully customized flexible tours for individuals, and small and special interest groups, as we feel this is the best way to ensure personalized service and activities for the duration of your stay. We want you to have complete control over your daily activities and entire trip program, instead of being itinerary or group dependant.

You Choose the Hotel

We understand that the hotels you stay in will largely impact your overall trip experience and comfort level. For this reason, though we have a great working relationship with all of the hotels throughout the country, we do not have exclusive contracts with them where we must place our guests only in certain lodges for better rates. We instead ask if you have preferences in regards to specific hotels (or farmhouses as you prefer!), amenities provided, proximity to town, or simply if you prefer charm to modern conveniences. Though it is not always possible to guarantee availability, especially in peak season, we will do our best to book the most appropriate hotel and room based upon your guidelines.

Your dining options are endless

Don’t be fooled or mislead by the all-inclusive package and assume you will be subject to buffet-style meals. When you use Bhutan “Your Way” Tours as your travel agent, your dining experiences will be at your discretion with options from eating at your hotel, in your room, a local restaurant, or even a farmhouse, 100% of the time. Though a wide variety of food is not always an option, we will do our best to diversify your meals wherever possible, and even give you the opportunity to dine at 5-star resorts where available, though this is not included with your tour program. And in keeping with Bhutanese tradition, let us not forget about the homemade rice, wheat, millet, and barley wines available in many locations (which we’ll offer you free of cost).

Multiple guides for large groups

When people visit with a large group of friends or family, often people want the flexibility to do or see certain things not on the itinerary or at a different time than others. To accommodate these people, we can offer additional guides and vehicles so that no one is left out and everyone is able to make the most of their time in Bhutan.

Guides available 24-hours a day

In case you want to escape from your hotel at night or take a peaceful early morning excursion, our guides are available 24-hours per day to better acquaint you with the town, sights, or neighboring villages, so whether you’re a night owl, or an early riser, you’ll always have something to do.

Wide variety of activities and services

Other than the options on standard tour itineraries, we offer many unique experiences to further acquaint you with traditional Bhutanese life and other more, and less, typical activities. Get a feel for the real Bhutan or simply enjoy the activities which interest you most.

Giving back to the community

As a socially responsible tour operator we truly understand and believe in contributing to the Bhutanese society at the grassroots level. We provide tourism opportunities for the rural communities and people by offering farmhouse stays where the actual household benefits, employing responsible local guides and drivers, and by promoting local off-the-beaten path festivals and pujas (Bhutanese religious ceremonies) normally not available to foreigners.

We are also actively involved with local non-profit animal savings organizations to rescue sick and injured animals (we have a growing clan of our own!), as well as to establish a comprehensive sterilization program for the stray dogs of Bhutan. If you have a veterinary background or are simply an animal lover, please let us know if you would like more information or are interested in helping.

Complimentary cell phones/Bhutan SIM

Because we know how important it is for many to be in touch with friends and family from back home, we provide complimentary cell phones for use during your stay. Prepaid vouchers for use with these phones are available most everywhere and make calls to home cheaper than hotels and phone booths. If you need to reach someone, or someone needs to reach you, they can simply call your new personal number for easy and convenient chatting.

Respecting your privacy

For those travelers wishing to enjoy Bhutan while maintaining their anonymity, rest assured all arrangements are made confidentially and kept private.