Bhutan is known to the world as a country still frozen in time and mystery. Despite sweeping changes most of the traditional and cultural aspects of this small Himalayan nation of 800,000 inhabitants has remained mostly unchanged. This was largely possible due to the fact that Bhutan opened to international tourists only in the mid seventies, and our policy of ‘low volume high value’ approach to tourism makes it even more enchanting.

From the fiery dish of emadatsi (chilly and cheese) to giant phalluses adorning the home and walls of its people, every small cultural aspects of this tiny nation is sure to click your imagination. The centuries-old fortresses, temples, stupas and colorful mask dances are a cultural wonder of their own not to mention the vast natural ecosystem which has still remained largely untouched to this day.

Bhutan, in its best, offers you a cultural-wonder that is unmatched anywhere else in the globe.