Location of Bhutan

Bhutan is a small, completely landlocked nation nestled in the Himalayan mountain range. It is south of the Tibetan region of China, north of India, and to the east of Nepal.

Roughly the size of Switzerland or 1/2 the size of Indiana, Bhutan encompasses 46,500 sq. km. of varied terrain, with elevations up to 24,777 square feet. It features three distinct geographic regions… the high Himalayas of the north, the hills and the valleys of the center, and the foothills and plains of the south. Great and pristine rivers run throughout the country, sculpting its geography and providing water for the communities as well as a source for hydropower.

Climate in Bhutan

The climatic conditions in Bhutan vary dramatically due to the wide geographical variations and also result in the country experiencing four seasons. The southern parts experience sub-tropical and warmer conditions, the central part temperate conditions, and further north, cold, alpine temperatures resulting in snow covered peaks throughout the year. Winters span December to February, and the warm months of June through August experience frequent monsoon rains.