Banking Services & Facilities in Bhutan

Cash and traveler’s check exchange is available for most of the main currencies including the U.S. dollar, Euro, Indian Rupee, Japanese Yen, Thai Baht, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, Hong Kong dollar, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Singapore dollar, Danish kroner, Norwegian kroner, and Swedish kroner. Exchange rates vary.

There are ATMs in Bhutan but only VISA and Master cards are accepted in few ATMs in the country. Please note that these ATMs do not function sometimes, so traveler’s cheques are best if you plan on needing additional money.

It is also possible to have funds wired with the services of Western Union but funds cannot be accessed in all locations, and are limited in amounts and days of availability. If you run into a cash problem, we will be happy to assist as best we are able.

Telephone, Fax, and Mail Facilities in Bhutan

All major towns and cities have basic communication facilities, including phone, fax, and mail service. Local and international calls can be made from most hotels and public phone booths for a fee. Cell phones with a Bhutanese SIM card can also be used in most urban places and some rural places, and can be used with a commonly available pre-paid mobile voucher.

Standard mail service in Bhutan is handled by Bhutan Post, and is commonly found throughout the country. However, now both DHL and Federal Express have offices in Thimphu which can be utilized for sending and receiving documents and packages.

Internet Facilities in Bhutan

Internet facilities are continuously increasing in number and can be found in major cities and towns. Many of the Internet cafes have Hi-Speed broadband connection, which can be slower than what you are used to.

Voltage & Electricity in Bhutan

Standard voltage in Bhutan is 220V and electrical outlets vary from location to location. We recommend that you bring your own adapters and converters for personal electronics; however, they are available for purchase or loan if you forget them.