From the first emails to the farewell hugs and handshakes at the airport Jamie and Ugyens’ services were exceptional. They worked tirelessly to personalize my trip and meet my expectations every step of the way. Because of them I saw a side of Bhutan that would seem impossible to experience on a big package tour.

Bhutan is a country of beautiful places and beautiful people. It’s one of those rare places that not only holds on to traditions but lives them daily. Yet it’s also a country in step with the modern world. I’d recommend it to anyone to go and experience Bhutan for themselves. As would I recommend “Bhutan Your Way” with full confidence that they’ll do everything in their power to ensure your satisfaction. As I told them, they filled my heart with the Spirit of Bhutan and for that I’m forever grateful. My only regret is not having enough time to enjoy such an amazing place.

Thanks again Jamie and Ugyen!