Dear Jamie and Ugyen!

Visiting Bhutan for me was an unforgettable life journey and your warm welcoming, proficiency and, above all, enthusiasm to share your fascination and love towards the country was priceless!

Thank you both so much for enabling me to experience the energy and peacefulness of this magical place, the people’s friendliness and witty sense of humor, the traditional (earth) stone bath under the open sky, excellent food (shamu datse!) and breathtaking views and scenery!

Traveling through this miraculous country from West to East for me was continuous reminder that happiness is in a small and simple things and I still cherish those feelings of calmness, content and blissfulness this experience brought to me and made this journey so precious.

You can expect some more of my friends coming and experiencing Bhutan with you! And as for me, well, I will for sure come back, so please, prepare suja and zao!