I do not have words to thank you for the wonderful experience that my family and I lived in Bhutan: It was just what I dreamed, Bhutan undoubtedly is an oasis in these times of worry for the environment and of the stress caused to live in big cities crammed with vehicles and noise; Not only for his landscapes pristine and protected from the human depredation, but also for the heart of his people, his amiability and sweetness, sweetness that is palpable since the plane comes to this wonderful country and as the first time we had contact with Jamie; the reception that we had was simply spectacular and from this moment the seven days in Bhutan were the most wonderful experience of our lives, the professionalism and love for what Jamie and her people do are what does Bhutan even better, Jamie and her husband are excellent professionals and they are even better human beings, with a wonderful and inspiring cause for the protection and care of the animals, something that reflects one of the props of the Buddhism the pity and harmony between all the living beings.

I expect some day to be able to go back to Bhutan and not only for the beautiful landscapes and tranquility that offers this wonderful country, but also because we left there intimate friends. Thank you Jamie and Ugyen.