Special Events

No event is too large or small

let us arrange your wedding or special event catered with traditional Bhutanese hospitality and style

Mystery, exclusivity, and an almost eerie enchantment make Bhutan the perfect location for anything romantic, special, or grand. Let us know what the occasion is and we will create a fitting itinerary, complete with a traditional Bhutanese ceremony and celebration of your choice. Any event, large or small, will be handled with the utmost in care and attention to detail, while respecting your privacy and maintaining your anonymity.


An affair to remember, a wedding in Bhutan can be very grand or humble, depending upon the couple and family. Much more than an exchange of rings or vows, a Bhutanese ceremony involves a number of religious elements such as monks and lamas and prayers and butter lamps.

After picking a location, which can be an old farmhouse, remote village, or temple, we then consult with a high Lama to determine an auspicious day for the special occasion. During the ceremony, there will be a Lama and monks carrying out rites and blessings in the form of prayer chanting, playing of music, and other very unique activities.

The post ceremony activities too can be elaborate or simple depending upon your tastes. If you like, make it a village affair and have traditional dancers, masked dances, and an archery match in honor of the day.

Please note we can include elements of a western wedding as you like including the ring exchange, cake cutting ceremony, and after party. Dressed in your best gho and kira, you will experience a traditional Bhutanese wedding without sacrificing memories like your first dance.

Vow renewals

Similar in tone to a Bhutanese wedding ceremony, vow renewals can be customized to include any elements you would like while providing for long life blessings and prayers for partnership renewal.


We offer a number of packages for honeymooners which can include standard or luxury lodging and a wedding ceremony or vow renewal celebration. Your itinerary will allow you to see and experience the awe that is Bhutan, while allowing precious time to enjoy each other. Personal touches, such as a hot stone bath for 2 under the stars, will ensure everlasting memories of your honeymoon.

Special events

From corporate retreats to educational seminars to retirement parties, no event is too large or small. Please contact us with your specific requirements so we may provide you options and offer suggestions accordingly.

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