Optional Activities

Taking the road less traveled

where there is no such thing as a standard tour program

Other than general sightseeing and tour activities, Bhutan Your Way offers many options for your trip to Bhutan. While customizing your tour, kindly let us know of any specific interests you may have so we can incorporate them into your itinerary. Below are just a few ideas to get you thinking.


Bhutan is most known for its unique and traditional textiles, jewelry, and Buddhist icons. You can visit marketplaces, jewelry stores, souvenir shops, and even remote villages to find gifts and items you'll treasure for a lifetime. Your guide will accompany you to ensure that you find genuine items of the highest quality, while also getting you the best deal.

Gho & Kira fittings

The national dress of Bhutan, gho for men, and kira for women, serve as daily wear and also as a constant reminder of the Bhutanese national identity. Although foreigners are not required to wear the dress, if you wish to participate in this aspect of the Bhutanese culture, festivals are an excellent time for tourists and Bhutanese alike to show off their very best kiras and ghos.

Experience the night life

If you're not exhausted from the day's activities, our guides can take you out for a night on the town. Whether you want to have a quiet evening at a local bar, listen to local music, visit a karaoke bar, or even dance the night away at a disco, your guides will lead you to the locals' favorite spots.

Going off the beaten path

Although you will see many wondrous sights on the average daily itinerary, stepping off the beaten path offers amazing insight into real Bhutanese life and culture. You can visit a traditional farmhouse for dinner, spend a day in the paddy fields, or take a trip high into the mountains for a traditional hot stone bath in holy water. Whether you choose economy or luxury travel, we can arrange activities which allow you to experience this without leaving your comfort zone.

A traditional Bhutanese day

It's one thing to visit Bhutan and participate in the typical tourist activities, but it's another to immerse yourself a bit deeper into the real Bhutan. The morning can start with prayers in a traditional altar room, followed with a trip to the local vegetable market to pick out some vegetables for dinner. During the day you can wander to a remote village to see how they live and to join them for a traditional lunch. And for dinner, if you're a chef at heart, we'll teach you how to prepare a traditional Bhutanese or Indian meal with your findings from the market.

Cooking classes

If you enjoy trying and creating new cuisines, or simply have a taste for hot foods, we can arrange dinner at a private home where you become the chef. Learn to make traditional Indian, Nepalese, and Bhutanese dishes which will surely tempt your palate.

Sports & yoga

Although archery is the national sport, it's not often visitors get the opportunity to try their hand at archery, Bhutanese-style. If archery is not your game, you can join the locals at the swimming pool, or if in Thimphu, play a round of golf. If you like to get wet, fishing and rafting can be done in certain areas. Another option is a mountain bike ride through beautiful forest and past traditional villages. Meditation and yoga classes are also available in Thimphu and the luxury lodges.

Get pampered

If economy travel is more your style, but as most you enjoy getting pampered once in a while, save a day for spa treatments for a completely relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

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